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Don't pay too much for your rent!

Square Rent makes your rent fair

Square Rent helps tenants with lowering their rent, reclaiming overpaid rent, service costs or agency fees and with any other rental disputes. Square Rent advises, mediates and litigates and is only satisfied when you are. We offer professional legal expertise for a small price.

No cure – no pay

Unlike a lawyer, at Square Rent you only pay if you've actually been helped. And we do not charge an hourly rate of hundreds of euros per hour, but a reasonable and pre-agreed percentage of the amount that you will ultimately save or get back. This way there's no surprises.

Help with any rental problem

At Square Rent you are welcome with all your questions about rent, but we mainly focus on the following, most common situations. If you are unsure how you could be best helped; just contact us! We will take a close look at your rental situation from top to bottom to see what your options are. Or start with the rental price check on this website to quickly see if your rent is too high.

Save monthly?

The rental price of your current rental home can be lowered at any time if it is too high according to the rules of rental law. Maintenance problems and building defects can also be a reason to lower your current rental price. Every tenant is therefore advised to take a critical look at his or her rent.

Or get a refund?

What has been overpaid or wrongly paid in the past can often be reclaimed for years to come. This applies to a rent that is too high, but also, for example, to fees paid to the real estate agent at the start of your rental contract. So don't let yourself be wronged and take action now!

Our services

Bare rent

Lower your rental price to the maximum allowed rental price


Lower your rental price because of defects

All-in price

Does your contract not specify what you're paying for?


Are you not getting your deposit back after the rental contract has ended?

Why Square Rent?

Dutch rental law aims to protect the tenant against excessively high rents. But the government does not by itself check compliance to these rules. Many landlords abuse this and deliberately violate the rules, at the expense of the tenant. It is therefore up to you as a tenant to take action and stand up for your rights. Square Rent is the professional partner who does the job for you, from start to finish.


"Can the landlord kick me out?" That's the most frequently asked question from tenants when they decide to stand up for their rights. Fortunately, the landlord can never terminate your contract for this reason. But if you have a fixed-term lease, the landlord can decide not to offer you a follow-up contract. Therefore the best moment to take action is when you already have a contract for an indefinite period, or when you have already moved out.

About Square Rent

Square Rent is a young and dynamic company, and that is part of our strength. Because to us the customer is not just a number; quality always comes before quantity. Passionate about the field and driven for our customers, we go the extra mile for you. We do this in an accessible and clear way towards the tenant, and friendly but businesslike towards the landlord. And if you live in Leiden or the surrounding area, we would be more than happy to visit you.


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