Do you know the maximum price for your rent?

In short

  • a maximum price can be calculated for each rental property
  • the price is determined following the 'points system'
  • the Rental Comittee is the body that checks the rental prices
  • the Rental Committee can make a binding decision that reduces the rent
  • Square Rent arranges everything for you from start to finish

The rent is subject to rules 
In order to protect tenants against excessively high rents, the government has drawn up rules on the basis of which the maximum rent for a home can be determined. Each house can be valued according to this point system based on, among other things, the surface area, available facilities and (for independent houses) the value of the house. However, the government does not check rents on its own initiative. It is therefore up to tenants themselves to take action if they suspect that their rent is too high.

Check your rental price
The Rental Committee (Huurcommissie) is the body that – on request – checks rental prices. Based on the so-called points system, they calculate the maximum rental price that suits your home. If the Committee concludes that the agreed rent is too high, the landlord must lower the rent to the maximum permitted rent. In some cases this can even be done retroactively. In that case, the tenant is entitled to a refund of what he has overpaid in the past.

Square Rent lowers your rent
Square Rent assesses your rental situation to see where there's possible profit to be made for you. We estimate the chance of success and choose the best time to take action. We then do everything necessary to achieve a successful and optimal result. This means that we address the landlord, start the correct procedure(s) and represent you therein and ensure that the landlord complies with the decision. Even if that means that a judge has to be involved. Our price for all of this is three times the achieved monthly saving. And in the unlikely event that we're unsuccessful in lowering your rent, you won't have to pay us anything.



John has been renting for a year. He pays a bare rent of € 600. According to the points system, his rent should be € 500. Square Rent first tries to settle things by negotiating with his Landlord, then starts the correct procedure to reduce the rent. The Rental Committee sets the rent to € 500, with retroactive effect to the start of John's rental agreement. Square Rent ensures that the landlord complies with the decision and repays John what he has paid too much. Thus John receives € 1200 (12 x € 100), and pays Square Rent a € 300 for this.

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