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At Square Rent we know how difficult it can be for a tenant to effectively stand up against their landlord. Due to inexperience, unfamiliarity with the rules, and opposition from the landlord, many tenants never appeal to their rights - and when they do the result is far from optimal. Especially when a lawyer is needed, little profits remain in the end. Not to mention the investment in time and energy that all this requires from the tenant.

Square Rent is the solution for tenants who are looking for an easy and effective manner of resolving their rental issues or simply lowering their rent. We are the modern version of a lawyer; the same service but cheaper, more transparent and accessible, and with the experience we have even better.

Floris Vaneveld is the founder and driving force behind Square Rent. He studied Law at Leiden University and completed it with Masters in both Civil Law and Criminal Law. Like so many other students, he was faced with an unreasonable landlord and an ridiculously high rent for a tiny room. From there, an interest in rental law developed into a passion for helping tenants. Square Rent was not founded for profit, but out of the desire to be able to work with this passion and at the same time do something good for others. And that is where Square Rent finds its reason for being; helping tenants, no more, no less.

Floris Vaneveld

What characterizes Floris as a person and as a jurist is his desire to always get the most out of everything, not to shy away from a challenge and – thanks to his perfectionist attitude – to never compromise on quality.


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