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Composition of the rent

The rental price consists of two parts; the 'bare rent' and the 'service costs'. The bare rent is no more than the price you pay for the 'bare' house, meaning the house without any furnishing and without additional services. The service costs are all additional costs on top of that, for example for furniture and upholstery, an internet and television subscription, as well as gas, water and electricity.

To protect tenants, the government has drawn up rules on the basis of which the maximum permitted rent can be determined. Landlords often don't follow these rules and ask more rent than is allowed. The Rental Committee is the body that checks this, upon request. If it turns out that (part of) the rent is too high, it will be reduced, possibly even with retroactive effect.

Lower your rent

Do you know the maximum price of your rental home?

The maximum permitted rent can be calculated for each property. This price is determined on the basis of, among other things, the surface of the rental property and whether, for example, the kitchen is shared with others. The rent can be permanently reduced by the Rental Committee, even with retroactive effect.

Is it unclear what your rent is made up of?

Some landlords have an all-inclusive rental price. This means that the bare rent and service costs are not stated separately from each other in the rental contract, but are charged together. In order to know what you pay for, and therefore whether you pay too much and whether your rent can be reduced, the Rent Commission can 'split' the rent.

Is your rental home in need of maintenance?

Everything that is included in the rent must function properly. The rooms in the rented house must also be suitable for habitation. The house must therefore be safe and properly maintained. If this is not the case, this can be a reason to significantly lower the rent.


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