Don't pay for more than you use

In short

  • the landlord may not make a profit on the service costs
  • therefore the landlord must provide insight into the actual costs incurred
  • the tenant may ask the landlord to account for the service costs paid
  • the Rental Committee checks the service costs on request
  • Square Rent will get your overpaid service costs back

The landlord is not allowed to make a profit on the service costs
A rental price consists of two parts; the bare rent and the service costs. The bare rent is only the price for the "bare" space. All other costs are service costs. These are, for example, costs for upholstery and furniture, but also for gas, water and electricity and the cleaning of general areas or an internet and television subscription. The landlord is not allowed to make a profit on the service costs. It is therefor recommended for the tenant to look critically at all service costs charged and when in doubt ask the landlord for insight into the costs.

The exact costs for gas, water and electricity are only known afterwards
Because the costs for the consumption of gas, water and electricity will differ per month, the landlord will charge a fixed monthly advance for this. At the end of the year, the landlord should send the final calculation and bill. The landlord is legally obliged to do this. But many landlords don't, precisely because the actual consumption costs are often lower than the advance paid and the tenant should therefore receive a refund. Does your landlord not provide an annual, final bill for the costs of gas, water and electricity? Then that is a strong indication that you are probably paying too much. The Rental Committee can force the landlord to provide insight into the amount of the actual (service) costs incurred. What has been paid too much, the landlord must pay back to the tenant. This is possible up to two and a half years after the year in which the costs were made. 

Square Rent reclaims your service costs
Square Rent takes a close look at the service costs charged to you and estimates the chance that your advance is higher than your actual consumption. Square Rent can then reclaim the excess paid by you over the past years. For this, we address the landlord, start the correct procedure (s) with the Rental Committee and ensure that the landlord complies with the decision(s). Even if that means that a judge must be involved. Square Rent does whatever it takes, from start to finish. As a price we charge three times the achieved monthly rent reduction.


Maria pays € 200 monthly in advance for service costs. After unsuccessfully asking the landlord to account for these costs, Square Rent starts the correct procedures with the Rental Committee. The Rental Committee determines that the service costs for Maria amount to a total of € 140 per month. So over the past year, Maria will get back € 720. Square Rent does whatever it takes to have the landlord comply with the ruling from the Rental Committee and pays Maria back. Maria receives € 720 euros and pays Square Rent € 180 (3 x 60).

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