Don't miss out on money

Did you pay too much or unjustly?

Fortunately, the law has a good long-term memory. You have up to several years to reclaim what you've paid too much or without proper legal ground. And the fact that you have moved out from your rental home usually does not prevent you from claiming what you are entitled to. So don't let it pass and reclaim what is rightfully yours!

Many types of costs can be reclaimed

Have you paid any fees to a real estate agent?

At the start of the rental contract some real estate agents ask the tenant to pay them agency fees. In the vast majority of cases this is not permitted by law. The tenant can then reclaim these agency costs up to 5 years later

Are you not getting your deposit back?

At the end of a contract, the tenant should get his deposit back, provided there is no overdue rent or damage to the house. But even if the landlord claims that there is, he may not just withhold the deposit to his own liking.

Do you pay more than you use of gas, water and electricity?

A landlord may not make a profit on service costs such as gas, water and electricity. Have you paid more in recent years than you think you've used? Then you can reclaim the excess paid up to two and a half years after that year.

Do you know the maximum price of your rental home?

A maximum price can be calculated for each rental property. A rental price can be reduced to this maximum price at any time. If you have a fixed-term rental contract or if your rental contract has been converted to a contract for an indefinite period less than six months ago, you can reclaim overpaid rent retroactively,


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