Does your home have defects?

In short

  • a rental home must be safe and pleasant to live in
  • the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the house
  • the tenant can hold the landlord accountable for defects
  • certain defects justify a rent reduction by the Rental Committee
  • Square Rent does whatever it takes to have the defect remedied and to lower the rental price

The landlord is responsible for maintenance
By signing the rental agreement the tenant has committed him/herself to pay the rent, likewise the landlord has committed him/herself to maintain the house. This maintenance concerns both periodic maintenance - for example the exterior painting - and incidental maintenance, such as repairing a leak. But the tenant also has a responsibility to remedy and prevent so-called 'minor' defects. For example, the replacement of a tap rubber or the replacement of a lamp will be borne by the tenant.

Some defects justify a rent reduction
The government has drawn up a list of defects that justify a reduction in the rental price (follow the link below to the frequently asked questions). This always concerns defects that either affect the safety or comfort of the house. Defects that concern safety are, for example: missing or seriously worn down stair steps, no railing along the stairs, weak or loose fencing at the balcony, etc. Defects that affect the comfort of the house are, for example, noise or odor nuisance, a broken doorbell, insufficient heating capacity, etc.

Square Rent gets the defects fixed and/or rent lowered
We recommend that you first address your landlord yourself and expressly request that the defect be repaired. It is important to do this in writing, by e-mail preferably. If the landlord has not repaired the defect after six weeks, Square Rent will be happy to help you from there.

Square Rent assesses the defect and estimates the likelihood of success of proceedings before the Rental Committee or court. In consultation with you, we determine the strategy to be followed - depending on whether you only want a repair or also rent reduction - and the best time to take action. We start the right procedure at the right institution and represent you from start to finish. After obtaining a decision, we'll ensure that the landlord complies with it, even if that means that a judge (still) has to be involved.

As a price we charge three times the achieved monthly rent reduction. And if all efforts of Square Rent do not yield any results, you will of course not pay anything.


Chris rents a house for € 400 per month. The house has an extremely sloping floor. This is a defect that must be resolved by the landlord. Square Rent first tries to resolve things by negotiating with the landlord, then starts a procedure at the Rental Comittee. After 6 months, the Rental Committee will make a decision; until the defect has been remedied by the landlord, the rent is set at 40% of the original rent, so € 160. This rent is also declared applicable to the period from the moment that the landlord was first addressed about the defect. One month after the decision of the Rent Commission, the landlord straightened the crooked floor. Over a period of 9 months, Chris paid only € 160 in rent every month, saving € 2,160. Jan pays € 720 to Square Rent once (3 x 240).

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